Website under construction – Don’t miss my gallery on National Geographic!

Hi, Everyone! This website is under construction. Please don’t miss my gallery on National Geographic at the following Your Shot link.
You can make contact with me on Facebook, if we have spoken before and this is the contact: Matteo Rossi
I work in Bologna, Italy, but like to travel and often consider projects worldwide. If you like my work and want to have a chat, let’s talk together and see what’s possible!

Photography services offered:

– Wedding Photography.
– Portrait Photography.
– Corporate Portrait.
– Architectural and Commercial Photography.
– Beauty and Fashion photography.
– Photographic Lessons: I don’t offer beginner services, but train enthusiastic and professional photographers in order to improve their skills both in post production and on the field.
– Projects offered by Companies and Private Individuals. I love to travel and, generally speaking, respond to new challenges. Let’s make it happen!

For all kinds of inquiries, please feel free to contact me with the form you see below. I might not be able to answer, because of the high number of mail that I’m receiving, but my staff will be more than happy to set an online Skype call and provide you with all the required information, including quotes and my availability.

“Photography is an addiction, the most powerful one above many others in my life. It gives a person the power to freeze and hold still a frame, in the ocean of time; but that’s not all. Photography is seducing people, with no words, and it’s hunting! What fun!” —Matteo Rossi



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